New & Pre-Owned Concrete Mixer Trucks

Ready Trucks carries a selection of both new and pre-owned mixer trucks.  Our new mixer truck offerings are rear discharge Conventional and BridgeSaver models manufactured by Continental, while our pre-owned mixer truck offerings are both front and rear discharge models from a variety of manufacturers that are sourced from users around the country.  So, whether you need an emergency replacement truck or are looking for a cost-efficient way to scale-up your fleet, Ready Trucks can provide a solution.  Find the truck that fits your requirements by searching our online inventory.



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Rear Discharge Mixer Trucks

Ready Trucks sells new Continental rear discharge trucks and sources pre-owned, well-maintained rear discharge trucks from around the country.

Front Discharge Mixer Trucks

Ready Trucks sources pre-owned, well-maintained front discharge trucks from around the country.

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Financing Available

Ready Trucks provides access to competitive financing rates on all of our new and pre-owned trucks.